Ryann Daisy Swimmer is an American composer, performer, and curator from Minneapolis, Minnesota, whose musical ethos focuses on the in-between, the blurred lines, and the insignificant. As a composer, Daisy brings her knowledge of theory-heavy composition and instinctive popular music together to create music that could be categorized as classically-influenced experimental music, “indie-classical”, or something else entirely.


The same philosophy is used in her curation and performing, which focus heavily on DIY aesthetics. Performances of her works for guitar and pedalboard are more suited for basements, living rooms, and guerrilla shows than traditional concert halls. In April 2021, Daisy teamed up with experimental record label, Corrector Records, to release the mixtape IMPOSSIBLE MUSICS which features local composers redefining what electro-acoustic truly means and conceptualizes the possibilities of music without human limitations.

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