Guitar Pieces

ascend | engulf

Instrumentation: guitar and pedalboard

Composed: 2020

Duration: 16-20'

I Can't Teach You Empathy

Instrumentation: guitar and pedalboard

Composed: 2019

Duration: 9-12'

Singular They

Instrumentation: guitar and pedalboard

Composed: 2019

Duration: 7-10'


Instrumentation: guitar and loop pedal

Composed: 2019

Duration: 5'


Instrumentation: electric guitar

and three delays

Composed: 2017

Duration: 6'-8'

Circular Canon

Instrumentation: electric guitar

and pitch shifted delay

Composed: 2017

Duration: 2'-3'

Ensemble Pieces

Queer Opposition

Commissioned by Alex Hecker

Instrumentation: bass clarinet, guitar and pedalboard

Composed: 2020

Duration: 20'

Tachypsychia: Circadian

Arranged for Zeitgeist's 2019

Playing it Close to Home Concert

Instrumentation: clarinet, vibraphone,

and marimba

Composed: 2018/2019

Duration: 4-5'


Dedicated to Sarah Hubbard

Instrumentation: flute, bassoon, and piano

Composed: 2018

Duration: 4'

Pedal Music

for 1-10 pedals/performers

Instrumentation: effects pedals

Composed: 2018

Duration: 6'30"


Instrumentation: flute, oboe, clarinet, percussion, piano, synth, violin, viola, cello

Composed: 2013 (rev. 2019)

Duration: 7'-8'


Solo Pieces

Seven Pools

for Isaac Mayhew's Walking Songs

Instrumentation: solo trumpet

Composed: 2020

Wrath Month

Instrumentation: solo flute

Composed: 2020

Duration: 5'

[I've Got] Five Minutes to Kill

A Tiny Desk Concert

Instrumentation: solo hand percussion

Composed: 2018

Duration: 5'


Winner of the 2019 Eric Stokes Song Contest

A piano suite in four movements

I. Landscape (Andante)

II. Circadian (Lento [a])

III. Dreams (Adagio/Andante)

IV. N.D.E. (Lento [b])

Instrumentation: solo piano

Composed: 2018

Duration: 25'-30'


Rhythmic Fractals

Instrumentation: snare drum

Composed: 2018

Short Tempered

Commissioned by Ryan Schneider

Instrumentation: Tuba and electronics

Composed: 2016

Duration: 4'



saxophone and cassette tape

Composed: 2015 (rev. 2019)

Duration: 4'-5'


Vocal Music

The Empress and the Hanged Man

A chamber opera scene

Instrumentation: mezzo soprano,

baritone, viola, cello, piano

Text: Colin Maddox

Composed: 2016

Duration: 10'


Written for Jake Heggie's

UNI art song competition

Instrumentation: soprano and piano

Text: Alice Meynell

Composed: 2015

Duration: 5'30"

The Mysterious Stranger

Instrumentation: narrator and percussion

Text: Mark Twain

Composed: 2014

Duration: 4'


Fixed Media


A slowly moving harmonic

wall of noise.

Composed: 2019

Duration: 36'28"


Harsh Noise Wall slowly

degrading over time.

Composed: 2016

Duration: 30'


A collection of remixes of original compositions

Composed: 2015